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Discover Nyon’s Flea Market

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The flea market in Nyon (les puces de Nyon) is a delightful way to while away a few hours, winding through the streets of the lower village and snaking along the lake front from the Port to the Rive-Est. Those traders lucky enough to secure a lakeside pitch make clever use of the port walls to display their quirky wares: from a miniature of the Parthenon in Athens to a […]

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Memoirs of a Young Teen Rangée

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The choice between a private and state school can be a tricky one, it doesn’t all come down to budget. Private schools are known for top quality education with smaller classrooms and controlled attendance, while state schools offer mixed classrooms with pupils from various background learning to live together. Having been educated within the private system, I do value state schools as they prepare the children for the ‘real world’. The […]

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Cominciamo dall’inizio

Allora, cominciamo veramente dal principio. Sei anni fa io ed il Varesotto Inglese abitavamo a Londra. Una coppia di sposini novelli pieni di certezze ed entusiamo, pronti ad affrontare insieme un futuro ricco progetti di coppia. D’altronde cosa avremmo dovuto temere? Il Varesotto, di mamma inglese e papà italiano, era cresciuto già abituato al bilinguismo ed alla multiculturalità. Io, da parte mia, avevo già affrontato e superato varie difficoltà legate […]

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Eyebrow Threading in Geneva

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Threading is an ancient method of hair removal involving the use of a a twisted cotton thread rolled across your skin, and – to me – the only way to achieve that gorgeous, long and slightly arched shape that graces the brows of many Bollywood stars. Back in London years ago I used to travel to Southall to have my thick, unruly mono-brow tamed into a neat femine shape that […]

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Paint Party, Pic Nic & Movie Night This Saturday!

paint party

CinéTransat Paint Party: Saturday 2nd of June Parc de la Grange, from midday Make a note in your diary for this great family-friendly event taking place this Saturday in Geneva! The event has been organised to celebrate a “triple anniversary”: the 40th anniversary of the United Nations Environmental Programme, the 10th anniversary of Switzerland’s joining the U.N. and the UN Conference for Sustainable Development RIO+20. The celebration will kick off […]

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Les Grandes Medievales

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If you have young children that are going through their “medieval knight” or “princess” phase then don’t miss Les Grandes Medievales, the fantastic medieval festival in Andilly (France) taking place on the 18th-19th and the 25th-26th of May 2013. Andilly is only a short drive from Geneva and offers amazing views over the city of Calvin. We have been already twice to see this fantastic historical re-enactment, complete with joustling tournaments, knights on […]

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Table for Two?

March 2012 005

With so many expensive restaurants in Geneva, it’s not always easy to find those that are really worth the hefty bill. What we soon learnt is that the best way to go about it is through word of mouth from local people, colleagues or expats who’ve lived here for a long time. Here’s some of our favourites in and around town, what are yours ? Buffet de la Gare Eaux Vives, Av. […]

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Welcome to Geneva!


I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. In less than 8 weeks we will celebrate our fourth anniversary as expatriates in Geneva. It was August 2008 when we first arrived here, full of trepidation and badly packed boxes, and ready to settle ourselves and our two young boys into a new life. Now, four years and one more baby later, I still feel like the new expat on the block. […]

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Brunch at the Farm

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This is one of the local tips I wish someone had given me 4 years ago, so I am very excited to be able to share it now with other expat families in the area. UPDATED MAY 2014 – UNFORTUNATELY, THE FERME DE MERLINGE HAS CLOSED DOWN One day, as I was browsing through some French guidebooks I came across a book called “Le Guide des Restos pour Petits Gourmands” (published […]

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Have Baby, Will Fly


Nothing is guaranteed to test your parenting skills to the limit as air travel with your little ones. Everything from check-in to safety checks and never-ending queues are every parent’s idea of hell. However, if you’re flying from or via Geneva there’s help at hand in the shape of the fantastic playroom at Geneva Airport. This amazing space for 0 to 5 year-olds is open everyday from 8am til 8pm and is located […]

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Memories of My French Childhood

School desk

Join Céline on her trip down memory lane. Céline grew up in Lille, northern France, before moving to London in her twenties. Here she recalls her end-of-year kermesse at school, such amazing memories! Do your expatriate children attend a local French school? Will they cherish similar recollections of their time here? ——————————————————- Remember watching Grease, and the last day of school when the pupils storm out throwing their notes and books […]

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Financial Tips for Expats Living in Switzerland

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Getting to grips with the Swiss tax system can be quite complicated, as it is administered independently at federal, cantonal and village level so you will pay different tax rates depending on where you live (click here for more info in English about tax rates in all Swiss municipalities). Here’s some basic financial tips, which we hope will be of help to expats moving to the area: 1. If you’re working […]

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Health Emergency Numbers for Kids


I know the call I dread the most. When my mobile rings and the number on the display screen is that of my children’s school, I know that they’ve come down with something nasty. Last month all my three children got sick at the same time and we swiftly succumbed too. As I coughed my eyes out and ran around like a crazed Florence Nightingale tending to the three tiddlers, Expat Husband thought it […]

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On Heidi’s Trail in Ballenberg

September 2010 033

Hands up who thinks of Heidi when thinking of Switzerland. Trouble is, when you move here and become an expat in Geneva, Zurich or any other modern Swiss city, you lose sight of the country’s most evocative and enchanting cliché. Expat Husband and I are definitely guilty as charged: we make the most of the Swiss slopes in winter but then spend all our spring and summer holidays with family […]

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Expat Dads Who Blog


Read our interview with Jerry Isturis, an expat dad and blogger who moved to Switzerland with his family a year ago. He tells us about his blog, his experience as a trailing spouse in Switzerland and shares his top tips to make the transition as smooth as possible!   My expat family and I We’re from the Philippines and we moved to Vevey in May 2011. My wife, the […]

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Dinner & the Movies


If you’re planning a romantic, kids-free night-out in Geneva I have some fabulous places to recommend. My idea of a great night out is dinner and the movies so I was absolutely blown away last week because the Best Colleagues in the World directed us to Little Buddha for dinner and to the Astor Film Lounge in rue de la Corraterie for our cinematic fix. What a phenomenal combination for […]

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Private Schools in Geneva

school 2

The most frequently asked question about family life is Geneva is inevitably about schools. As an expatriate parent I fully sympathize because this is probably one of the trickiest decisions to handle when moving abroad with your little ones. If you are looking for more information about private schools in Geneva, here’s an article I wrote some time ago for another expatriate website. Hope it helps! Private Schools in Geneva […]

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CinéTransat is Back!


Spring and Summer are definitely the best seasons to enjoy Geneva to the full. Gorgeous weather, longer days stretching into breezy summer nights and a host of fantastic outdoor festivals uncover the city’s cool and laid back charm. One of Geneva’s best summer festivals is, without a doubt, the open-air cinema organised by CinéTransat. The event is not just an outdoor screening of some of the best-loved movies in film history but, most […]

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Identikit di una mamma espatriata

micki2 001

Michela Mantani è italiana e vive a Ginevra da quattro anni con il Varesotto Inglese ed i loro tre figli piccoli: il Filosofo, il Ribelle e la Fatina Tiranna. Prima di trasferirsi in Svizzera ha vissuto a Londra per tredici anni, durante i quali ha lavorato in TV ed editoria alla BBC ed in product development per Laura Ashley. Ora, oltre a fare la mamma chioccia, scrive freelance per vari siti […]

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Nurseries & Daycare in Geneva

Gabriel Xmas Party bellevue 2009 039

**Updated 28th August 2012: we are overjoyed to update our post below about the shortage of nursery places in Geneva. Following the cantonal referendum held on the 17th of June 2012, the majority of voters decided that more nursery places should be created within the canton of Geneva so the future is definitely looking brighter !** —– You can click here to find out how 57,7% of voters decided that a nursery […]

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Great Days Out with the Kids

May 2012 002

Spring is the best time to get out of Geneva and explore Switzerland (it’d be even better if it stopped raining, enough is enough now). We’ve still got a lot to go through on our bucket list but here’s some of the places we’ve visited so far, which the children have really enjoyed. We hope it will help if you’ve recently moved here and are looking for ideas for fun days-out. Please […]

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