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Geneva’s Historical Trams

© Association Genevoise du Musée des Tramways

As we were driving past Cornavin Station a few weeks ago, my boys screamed with excitement at the sight of a beautiful 1930s historical tram taking a tour of the city. To be honest, I was just as disappointed as they were that we couldn’t just drop our car and jump on board ! The good news is that the Association Genevoise du Musée des Tramways (AGMT) has organized a fantastic historical […]

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Halloween Tales

October 2012 105

Looking for some indoor fun for your little munchkins this Halloween ? Here’s some suggestions for this Wednesday 31st of October:   Journée de contes at the Bibliothèque Communale de Versoix with story-teller Claire-Anne Magnollay. Entry is free. Wednesday 31st October 2012 at 10.30am “Au fond du potager, à droite…”: story-telling in French for children (from age 4), duration 40 mins. Enjoy some autumnal tales with your little ones and discover together what […]

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Expat Dads Who Blog: Paul

cirqueknie1 - Copy

Our expat community in the Suisse Romande can count many fantastic expat dads who have taken the plunge and thrown themselves fully into building a family life here in Switzerland. We love to read about their new lives here and pick up some of their priceless tips so we’re delighted to be able to introduce Paul Reed-Peck to all our readers: he’s an expat dad and one who blogs too […]

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She’s Toute Sweet !


Here at Geneva Family Diaries our eyes are definitely bigger than our tums, so we might be forgiven if – with so many exceptional Master Bakers in our expat community – we find it really hard to resist the temptation to mention them all…   US expat Nikki is as sweet as her culinary masterpieces and the name of her baking business: Toute Sweet, couldn’t be more appropriate ! So if you’d like to […]

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Follow the Yellow Trail

Autumnal walks

One of my favourite pastimes in Autumn is going out for walks with the children. France is great for Autumn walks, because all trails are marked on the trunks of the trees. Just follow the red square to get to a famous rock or a breathtaking cascade. All you need to start is a good map. Following the signs on the trees was one of my favourite things when out hiking. I […]

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Love Esther Zaricot

expats - Copy

We can’t stop grinning from ear to ear since Mme Esther Zaricot agreed to give us this interview. She’s a Swiss mum-of-two and author of one of the funniest, coolest blogs we’ve ever come across, click here to see why ! Drawn using only Paint and her mouse (and only during her lunch breaks), Esther’s blog can always capture those sweet, funny moments we’ve all been through with our BFFs, husbands and little ones… The […]

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My Daughter’s Vintage Birthday Party


When I was small and living in France, all birthday parties took place at home. So when the time came for my daughter’s 7th birthday and considering we were on a budget, living in a flat and unprepared to pay for a hall and entertainers – I searched my memory for clues to a successful home celebration. My daughter was up to it and happy to invite only her three best […]

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Shopping & Dining in Ferney Voltaire


Ferney Voltaire is a small French town just across the border from Geneva. If you find yourself a bit lost for ideas on a Saturday morning or would like to try a new restaurant, take a look at our list of cool places in Ferney Voltaire that, incidentally, are also way cheaper than Geneva!   Beauty & Shopping: Institut Cristine, tucked away in a side street not far from the […]

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Workshops for Budding Anthropologists


The autumn school holidays in the Canton of Geneva are nearly upon us, so if your children and teens dream of a life of adventures learning about different human cultures here’s some dates for your diary. “Des ethnologues en herbe mènent l’enquête”: in these workshops the children will set off armed with a camera, recording device and notebook to discover unexpected people and places that will reveal more about the secrets […]

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Expat Mumpreneurs: Marta


We all know that moving to a different country is not always easy, especially if you’re leaving behind friends, family and a job you loved. An expatriate experience, however, could be the perfect opportunity to take stock and follow a dream you’ve always had such as, for example, setting up your own business. There are many talented expat mums in Switzerland who’ve done just that and we at Geneva Family […]

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Jobseeking in Switzerland

©  Tomasz Meissner

The first images of Switzerland that come to mind are often those of majestic mountain views, endless ski-runs, fancy watches, cheese and chocolate, a Heidi-and-Peter-filled Alpine paradise or of some tight-lipped bankers hiding the secrets of the rich and famous. Although Switzerland is very rarely thought of as an economic powerhouse, the cold numbers of GDP and other macroeconomic statistics will tell you that the Swiss enjoy one of the […]

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Not Suitable for Vegetarians

A view of the grazing bisons near Geneva's airport © Geneva Family Diaries

If you’re a vegetarian please look away now. If you’re a carnivore foodie though, rejoice because Autumn in Switzerland is not only game season but bison season too.   Bison meat is not an obvious choice when you head to the butcher’s but – believe me – it’s absolutely delicious. It is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, and so melt-in-the-mouth tender that when Little Miss Cutie was one, she used […]

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Sympa…les Poneys !


Little Miss Cutie is 2 and entering her “I love ponies” stage. She’ll squeal in delight every time we drive past a riding school and seize any pony-related books she lays eyes on when we’re out shopping.   Luckily for us, there are many pony clubs and riding schools within a short distance of Geneva so last weekend, as a special treat for Her Toddlerness, we took the children for a pony ride to the Pony Club in […]

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Kings of the Castle

Château de Prangins © Scott Photography

The Musée national suisse at the Château de Prangins is one of our favourites. Located just a few minutes outside of Nyon, this 18th century castle overlooking Lake Léman is surrounded by exquisite gardens and hosts one of the Swiss National Museums. We’ve been there many times with the children because it’s one of the most interactive and kid-friendly museums in the area, and also for some fun birthday parties that the children had […]

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Salon Baby Planet in Lausanne


If you are first-time parents or you already have children but are expecting another baby, make a note in your diary of the forthcoming Salon Baby Planet, which will take place from Friday the 12th to Sunday the 14th of October 2012 at the Expo Beaulieu in Lausanne.   The Salon Baby Planet will host over 70 exhibitors and a series of fun activities including baby massage, baby-gym and various baby classes sponsored by KidsUp, post-natal buggyfit […]

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Meet “Atila 4 Child”

October 2012 057 - Copy

Our community of expat mums is such a treasure trove of amazing talent that there is more to be found every day. Our star mumpreneur this week has launched a fabulous fashion label for children aged 0 to 8 years-old, her style is so individual and cool we can’t wait to share it with you ! Marie is a French expat mum who moved to Bursins (Canton Vaud) in 2007. A fashion designer […]

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Who’s Afraid of the Creepy Crawlies ?

Sssssserpent © Scott Photography

On Sunday I took my pretend children to the Vivarium de Meyrin. When I say “pretend children” I don’t mean imaginary ones, who live inside my head. These two lovely little ladies do exist, they’re just not mine, but I love to spend time with them and I think I might even be their favourite godmother !   One of the first rainy Sundays of the changing season was the perfect […]

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It’s BBQ Time

bq 016

If you’re looking for a fun, easy restaurant that you can enjoy with the kids, why not try the Mongolian BBQ buffet at Le Barbaro restaurant in Grilly ? We tried it out last weekend: Expat Mum well-equipped with baby-wipes and camera, Expat Husband in full Alpha Male mode (“me man, you BBQ”), the boys and Little Miss Cutie super-excited, and it was definitely a good choice for the whole family.     The fixed price per person […]

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Heaven in a Tiny Pot

October 2012 023

I’m sure it’s just me but – no matter how hard or how many times I try – I can’t for the life of me scrape vanilla seeds out of their pod. TV chefs make it look so easy, just one quick flick of the knife and voilà, there you have it: the tiniest, most fragrant grain of heavenly flavour – why would you want to do it any other way ? Unfortunately, it never […]

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