Family mediation_extraordinary resource for parents at any time

Mediation is an extraordinary resource for couples, parents, children and any family member in particular moments of the family life. Sometimes conflict and tensions arise and communication among family members becomes challenging or impossible. In these instances mediation will allow you to: -discuss in a secured and safe space, with a professional mediator who will guarantee confidentiality and neutrality -find your own solutions -negotiate the best way forward for you and your family -take ownership of your decisions and your life

Possible areas to bring up in mediation are:

Separation or divorce: Agree as parents on the financial arrangements and discuss the children wellbeing after separation/divorce Agree on legal custody and how your lives and those of your children will be organized Take sound decisions that protect as much as possible your children and leave them outside the parent’s conflict

Parent-adolescent relationships Frustration, disputes and recurrent unfruitful discussions Negotiation of family rules Working together towards peace and harmony in the home

Other family issues Delicate subjects to discuss within the family New environment or new situation disrupting the family places and relationships Relation with the in-laws and/or the wider family

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