New at "Centre périnatal": FREE Demo "Sandbox" session

Boulevard de Saint-Georges 72, Geneva, Switzerland

New at Centre périnatal : October, 8, at 6 pm - special schedule, for Daddies, too!

Sometimes finding that family life is a true challenge? Having some “hot” questions about your babies and toddlers? About their sleeping or eating habits, what’s a genuine sense of authority?

Don't get stuck by yourself, join a new "tribe" of a kind:

The Sandbox Group

The setting is almost the same as in a sandbox, except that here, the kids will play with "sound toys" instead of baking sand pies: easy-to-access instruments everybody can have fun with immediately. And you, too, are going to play!

Playing sound games together offers a precious shortcut to discover ourselves. It transforms the way we talk about, listen to and view our own children, as well as ourselves.

This is a new field for exchanging, supporting each other and finding creative solutions for our daily lives.

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