New in Vernier: Music Together® classes

Avenue Louis-Pictet 9A, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland

Come and join a new musical « tribe » of a kind and feel how exhilarating family music can be! Whatever your musical background, experience Music Together® and learn how vital - and how fun - your role can be! Here is the good news: your participation requires no musical skills whatsoever, just the desire to share the songs, movements and dances with your child. No performance pressure! Kids are free to explore and move around! Loads of songs, creative movements, groovy instrument play-alongs! 45-minutes of pure delight!

Location: GVA ProStudios - FREE Demo classes August, 27 & 30, at 11 am September, 3 & 6, at 11 am

Regular classes start on September, 10, 2014

Then: Wednesdays & Saturdays, at 10 & 11 am

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