Cookery Books for Smurfs

Best things really do come in small packages as is the case with these cool tiny cookery books I bought in France quite recently .

Each of them lists 30 “cult recipes” you can make with some staple pantry-shelf ingredients that snobbish cooks would normally scorn: marshmallows, cheese triangles, smarties, condensed milk, nutella etc.

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French cookery books


It’s hard to gauge from the photos but “les tout-petits de Marabout” are really no bigger than your hand. They are published by Marabout and – at 3,50 euro each – they’re definitely a steal !

If you’d like to have a look at all the available titles, take a look at the Marabout official website.

I was tempted to buy them all, then ended up picking only the Petit Beurre & Nutella ones as my boys are crazy about the stuff.

French cookery books


The recipes are really clever and unusual. I honestly never thought I could make pannacotta or tarte aux poires with petit beurre, or mini madeleines and truffles with Nutella. And yes, the photographs are mouth-watering and quite irresistible. J’adore !

French cookery books


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