Find a Book, Find a Treasure


I can never walk past a bookshop without having a quick look inside and, since becoming a mum, I’ve been able to indulge my love of books and retro designs even more. There’s definitely no bigger fan of “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” in this universe than yours truly.

On a recent trip to France, I came across the Caroline books series by French cartoonist Pierre Probst and fell in love with their gorgeous 1950s illustrations…Little Miss Cutie is too small for them now but I’ve stocked up anyway, they were just too charming to resist (and at just 5,60 Euro each they were quite a snip too !)



The Caroline series was first published in 1953 but it’s currently being reprinted by Hachette Jeunesse. The books – suitable from the age of 3 – tell the adventures of 7 year-old Caroline and her intrepid little friends: Bruno the bear, dogs Bobby and Rusty & cats Puff and Inky.



As I was leaving the bookshop, I spotted a few more vintage treasures that will make fabulous stocking fillers for friends and schoolmates, as well as adorable party-bag gifts for my boys’ birthdays…



These adorable tiny books are approx. A3 size and no more than 10 pages long. They’re part of a series by Editions Deux Coqs d’Or called “Un petit livre d’argent” with more than 20 titles, including some classic and more modern tales (“La cigale et la fourmi”, “La Belle au bois dormant”, “Ton petit alphabet”, “Youpi à l’école” etc.).

These books are only 1,70 Euro each but – for me – the style of those pretty, old-fashioned illustrations is worth a lot more !







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