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The Tale of the Fair Isle Jumper

Have you, on your Christmas shopping, found yourself pondering on the purchase of a ‘fair isle sweater’ for your hubby? Well, I did! I looked at it, left the shop. I went back, looked at it again. Somehow, I just don’t know what it is with the fair isle trend this year, there’s something that I find equally appealing AND revolting about it. Or is this what trends are all […]

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Find a Book, Find a Treasure

I can never walk past a bookshop without having a quick look inside and, since becoming a mum, I’ve been able to indulge my love of books and retro designs even more. There’s definitely no bigger fan of “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” in this universe than yours truly. On a recent trip to France, I came across the Caroline books series by French cartoonist Pierre Probst and fell in love with […]

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