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See Heidi in Geneva !

I was so excited when I read about this, I nearly fell off my chair ! Yes, it’s really happening, I haven’t just dreamt about it: Switzerland’s most famous & beloved fictional character will tread the boards at the Théâtre Töpffer in Geneva from the 4th of November to the 2nd of December 2012.     I cannot wait to take my little muffins to see the show, which follows quite closely the original […]

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In Heidi’s Footsteps

It happens to most expatriates in Switzerland, especially if your expat plans take you to one of the main Swiss cities rather than one of its idyllic alpine villages. You board the plane with visions of Heidi running barefoot on emerald-green mountain pastureland with cow-bells ringing in the background but, once you’ve settled into local city life, you realise your Swiss experience is turning out to be more urban than you initially […]

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On Heidi’s Trail in Ballenberg

Hands up who thinks of Heidi when thinking of Switzerland. Trouble is, when you move here and become an expat in Geneva, Zurich or any other modern Swiss city, you lose sight of the country’s most evocative and enchanting cliché. Expat Husband and I are definitely guilty as charged: we make the most of the Swiss slopes in winter but then spend all our spring and summer holidays with family […]

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