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A Swiss Mum Who Blogs

© Lavipo blog, Geneva

Pauline is a Swiss mum-of-three and the freelance illustrator behind the enourmously funny Lavipo, a Swiss blog about motherhood and other adventures that always leaves me in stitches! You might recognize yourself (I do!) in one of those IKEA-rages, monumentally bad-hair mornings or kids’ meltdowns she portrays so vividly – so if you’d like to find out more about Pauline scroll down a little to read the interview she’s kindly agreed to […]

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Becoming a Father in Switzerland

© Paul Reed-Peck

We’re back with part three of expat dad Paul Reed-Peck’s account of his move to Switzerland (click here to read the first part of Paul’s story: “Moving to Switzerland”, and part two “Settling in Switzerland”). In this interview he’ll tell us more about his experience of becoming a father for the first time in Switzerland. Remember you can find out more about Paul’s expat adventures and pick up some very useful tips […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Skiing in the Swiss Alps

TH 1

Getting to ski the enchanting Verbier slopes in Valais (one of Switzerland’s French speaking Cantons) is not for the faint-hearted, nor for beginners such as me. Or so I thought. As luck would have it, on the day I visited, only the horrifying (red) and the extremely petrifying (black) trails were open. Not the basic (blue) for beginners. I was not feeling confident. As I watched, very young Swiss children through […]

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Expat Dads: Settling In Switzerland

© Paul Reed-Peck

We’re back with part two of expat dad Paul Reed-Peck’s account of his move to Switzerland (click here to read the first part of Paul’s story: “Moving to Switzerland”). In this interview he’ll tell us more about the settling in process and how he went about finding a job, a rental apartment and getting to grips with the French language. Remember you can find out more about Paul’s expat adventures and pick up some very useful tips on […]

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Expat Dads Who Blog: Paul

cirqueknie1 - Copy

Our expat community in the Suisse Romande can count many fantastic expat dads who have taken the plunge and thrown themselves fully into building a family life here in Switzerland. We love to read about their new lives here and pick up some of their priceless tips so we’re delighted to be able to introduce Paul Reed-Peck to all our readers: he’s an expat dad and one who blogs too […]

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Love Esther Zaricot

expats - Copy

We can’t stop grinning from ear to ear since Mme Esther Zaricot agreed to give us this interview. She’s a Swiss mum-of-two and author of one of the funniest, coolest blogs we’ve ever come across, click here to see why ! Drawn using only Paint and her mouse (and only during her lunch breaks), Esther’s blog can always capture those sweet, funny moments we’ve all been through with our BFFs, husbands and little ones… The […]

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Jobseeking in Switzerland

©  Tomasz Meissner

The first images of Switzerland that come to mind are often those of majestic mountain views, endless ski-runs, fancy watches, cheese and chocolate, a Heidi-and-Peter-filled Alpine paradise or of some tight-lipped bankers hiding the secrets of the rich and famous. Although Switzerland is very rarely thought of as an economic powerhouse, the cold numbers of GDP and other macroeconomic statistics will tell you that the Swiss enjoy one of the […]

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Meet La Maison de Colette


La Maison de Colette is definitely one of my favourite Geneva blogs. Created by Marion, a French mother-of-one and design consultant, it’s packed with fantastic style and design inspiration for mums living in Geneva. Last week we met up with Marion to learn more about her family life in Geneva and her stylish blog, here’s what she said: My family & I I am French, originally from Nantes, but I studied in Paris. […]

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Expat Dads Who Blog


Read our interview with Jerry Isturis, an expat dad and blogger who moved to Switzerland with his family a year ago. He tells us about his blog, his experience as a trailing spouse in Switzerland and shares his top tips to make the transition as smooth as possible!   My expat family and I We’re from the Philippines and we moved to Vevey in May 2011. My wife, the […]

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