Beauty & the Wisdom of Women

A Cut Above

The full view shot I didn't manage! Photo © Les Ateliers ChicTifs, Gland (VD).

Last year I was looking for a hairdresser for my 3 children when a friend recommended ChicTifs in Gland (VD). Since then, we’ve been a few times to get the little ones’ heads looking nice & neat and happy to say we’ve never looked back. They recently renovated the entire salon and kitted up a great kids area with bean bags, large blackboards with coloured chalks, TVs, toys and books so, when […]

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A Tribute to Women


Within minutes of meeting Paola Limonta, one half of the Geneva-based Swiss jewellery design team Uzume Spirit, I developed a serious girl crush: funny, warm-hearted, passionate and inspiring (as well as an energetic mum-of-three!), she’s the woman we’d all love to be and the BFF we all wished we had. I had already lusted over the Uzume’s jewellery collections online, but being able to try them on while Paola told me everything about the […]

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Shopping & Dining in Ferney Voltaire


Ferney Voltaire is a small French town just across the border from Geneva. If you find yourself a bit lost for ideas on a Saturday morning or would like to try a new restaurant, take a look at our list of cool places in Ferney Voltaire that, incidentally, are also way cheaper than Geneva!   Beauty & Shopping: Institut Cristine, tucked away in a side street not far from the […]

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Eyebrow Threading in Geneva

threading 2

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal involving the use of a a twisted cotton thread rolled across your skin, and – to me – the only way to achieve that gorgeous, long and slightly arched shape that graces the brows of many Bollywood stars. Back in London years ago I used to travel to Southall to have my thick, unruly mono-brow tamed into a neat femine shape that […]

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