Eyebrow Threading in Geneva


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal involving the use of a a twisted cotton thread rolled across your skin, and – to me – the only way to achieve that gorgeous, long and slightly arched shape that graces the brows of many Bollywood stars.

Back in London years ago I used to travel to Southall to have my thick, unruly mono-brow tamed into a neat femine shape that really changed the way I looked (I’m not really much of a Bollywood star but I can assure you it was an amazing improvement from my Animal Muppet starting point).

When we moved to Geneva I was very disappointed, no actually make that panic-stricken, when I realized that eyebrow threading hadn’t yet conquered these shores.

I could not think straight: if I left my mono-brow to its own devices would I scare children at the school gate? Would Expat Husband run off with a pole dancer?

But fear not, because after many hours spent on the telephone with dozens of beauty salons trying to explain what threading was, I finally managed to find a couple of places in Geneva where threading is available, so here they are:

1. Tony & Guy Geneva, they do your hair, thread your eyebrows AND they speak English. The works.

2. Hairmania, spookily enough the only other salon I found is right across the street from Tony & Guy. I never quite managed to book a slot but you might have more luck than me, so give it a try.

Happy threading!

    1. Dear Kamelia, thank you so much for the great tip ! Do you know the address by any chance ? would love to test it out (my brows grow quicker than I can say “tweezers”…) thanks again for reading & sharing this info with us, Michela

  1. Hey ladies,
    There’s another place that does threading at rock bottom prices. No frills, but she does a great job – Coiffure Tolga just next to Mike Wong on blvd. James-Fazy. Sorry, but I don’t have the number…

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