French Classes for Mums


We have some great news for expectant and new mums in Geneva looking to improve their French language skills! From January until May 2016, OSEO Genève is organizing French language courses for mums, focused on acquiring the correct vocabulary and conversational skills to talk about pregnancy issues, baby’s health and birth. This course will enable mums to feel confident when speaking in French to local health professionals and paediatricians, helping to reduce […]

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Key English School


If you’re looking for a fun & engaging holiday camp for your children this summer, then Key English School might be the answer. With a wide range of summer camps for children aged 3 to 15, available at various locations in Geneva and Lausanne, Key English School provides excellent childcare and education during the school holidays. Parents are able to choose between full days (from 9am to 5pm) or half days, with morning […]

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Times Tables, The Fun Way

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My eldest boy has started learning times tables in earnest last year. If you’ve been through, or are going through that stage at the moment, you’ll know what I mean: lots of repetition (tantrums), bribery (chocolate, nintendo ds, you name it) and distracted parents passing the buck at revision time. On my last trip to London, I stocked up on various times tables activity books that make practice and revision […]

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Learning French Can Be Easy


Is learning or improving your French still at the top of your to-do list? If so, here’s some very useful information from one of our sponsors: who would have thought that learning French could be as easy as this? The Swiss French School (SFS) method is based on a three-step process which allows students to learn French quickly and use it straight away. With the SFS method you will be able to:  […]

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How to Choose the Right School in Geneva

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If you’re planning to settle in Geneva with your family, chances are that education will be a key issue that you’re considering. While the city’s education system is excellent, there are a few things to bear in mind when selecting specific schools. Read on to find out what they are.   About the Swiss education system First, it’s helpful to learn a little about how education works in Switzerland. There […]

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No Homework, More Fun ?

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New expats moving to France will see educational reforms take place from September 2013. After months spent debating over the current school life, French Education Minister Vincent Peillon announced a complete rework of the French system and new laws will be presented to the Parliament in January. French children are said to be currently put under too much pressure. In primary schools, they spend long hours studying (typically from 8am to […]

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Raising a Bilingual Child


I don’t pretend I got it all right and my daughter does make mistakes as she is learning both English and French. But speaking French to her has made a difference to her life. Not only she learnt and assimilated it intuitively, but she enjoys it and – most importantly – for her the process is relatively painless. When she was born I was so happy that there would be someone […]

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ASK Information Day


Unique event in Geneva: a special needs education fair Saturday October 6th 2012 Crown Plaza Hotel, Geneva 9:30am – 3pm Free Admission During the past decade both international and local schools in Geneva have had to cope with an ever increasing number of children with special needs. Parents and teachers are often finding themselves at a loss and may not know who to turn to or what services are available. ASK – […]

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The CAF: Cheque annuel de formation


The first time I heard about the CAF (Chèque annuel de formation) I had already been living in Switzerland for 3 years. I thought it was such a shame I hadn’t learned about it before as it can come really handy for those expats and trailing spouses thinking about developing new professional skills or improving their French. In brief, the Chèque Annuel de Formation, is a financial subsidy of 750CHF per year (for […]

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Swiss School


Moving to a different country is daunting enough for anyone. Thinking about enrolling your children into a local school system you’re not familiar with is definitely one of the hardest things for any expat parents. As a family, we opted for private international schools for our children, so I don’t have direct personal experience of the Swiss school system. However, since I was asked to write a brief article about it, I […]

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How Teachers Can Shape You

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At the beginning there was a teacher in a classroom full of 14 year-old students, who were learning when to use the English auxiliary verb ‘shall’. “Un châle, pour les genoux” (a blanket for your knees = shall for ‘je’ & ‘nous’) she said, and instantly that made perfect sense. Making lessons interesting and engaging for children is no mean feat. How about translating Madonna’s songs? Fancy an overnight trip to London? My English teacher at school […]

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Private Schools in Geneva

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The most frequently asked question about family life is Geneva is inevitably about schools. As an expatriate parent I fully sympathize because this is probably one of the trickiest decisions to handle when moving abroad with your little ones. If you are looking for more information about private schools in Geneva, here’s an article I wrote some time ago for another expatriate website. Hope it helps! Private Schools in Geneva […]

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