French Cuisine

French-Style Steak & Chips


Recently opened, L’Entrecôte Mademoiselle in Divonne-les-Bains is a great place to enjoy French-style steak & chips at a reasonable price. The family and I, spurred on by a very carnivore husband, decided to try it this weekend and gave it the thumbs up. From its traditional brasserie wooden tables and wine crates to Edith Piaf’s husky tones playing in the background, this is the full French Monty. Just sit down and wait for […]

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Kids Welcome Here!


A very warm welcome to our guest blogger Michelle Levesley, a British mum-of-three & English teacher living in France. In her first post for Geneva Family Diaries she shares a rave review about Gastro-Mômes, a delicious & child-friendly café-cum-takeaway-service in Douvaine, equipped with a superb play-area. Thank you Michelle!     My Wednesdays as an expat mum living in France have always involved me being a taxi service for Number One to and from […]

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Le Carlina – Any Excuse For a Visit


A trip to Chamonix is not complete for us without a meal at Le Carlina. The menu is comprehensive enough to allow an enjoyable ponder whilst you sip an apéritif, but not too long so as to make you think that they can’t possibly cook everything well, can they? Well, they can and they do.   We have eaten here throughout the seasons. This time we went for lunch to celebrate Himself’s […]

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Cookery Books for Smurfs

Dec 2012 043

Best things really do come in small packages as is the case with these cool tiny cookery books I bought in France quite recently . Each of them lists 30 “cult recipes” you can make with some staple pantry-shelf ingredients that snobbish cooks would normally scorn: marshmallows, cheese triangles, smarties, condensed milk, nutella etc.     It’s hard to gauge from the photos but “les tout-petits de Marabout” are really no bigger than your hand. […]

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Heaven in a Tiny Pot

October 2012 023

I’m sure it’s just me but – no matter how hard or how many times I try – I can’t for the life of me scrape vanilla seeds out of their pod. TV chefs make it look so easy, just one quick flick of the knife and voilà, there you have it: the tiniest, most fragrant grain of heavenly flavour – why would you want to do it any other way ? Unfortunately, it never […]

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