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Help at Moneypenny & Co.

A warm welcome to Corinne Buck, the latest expat mumpreneur to share her story and great tips on our blog. Corinne is a Dutch mother-of-one and the founder of Moneypenny & Co., a company offering personal and professional organizing services in Geneva. Who doesn’t need a bit of help to get our home and busy lives sorted ? Actually, think of it…I should make that a resolution for 2013 !   […]

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The CAF: Cheque annuel de formation

The first time I heard about the CAF (Chèque annuel de formation) I had already been living in Switzerland for 3 years. I thought it was such a shame I hadn’t learned about it before as it can come really handy for those expats and trailing spouses thinking about developing new professional skills or improving their French. In brief, the Chèque Annuel de Formation, is a financial subsidy of 750CHF per year (for […]

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Financial Tips for Expats Living in Switzerland

Getting to grips with the Swiss tax system can be quite complicated, as it is administered independently at federal, cantonal and village level so you will pay different tax rates depending on where you live (click here for more info in English about tax rates in all Swiss municipalities). Here’s some basic financial tips, which we hope will be of help to expats moving to the area: 1. If you’re working […]

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