Alma Restaurant

In the last couple of years, Peruvian cuisine has taken the London restaurant scene by storm and, in all honesty, we’ve been yearning for the same culinary wave to reach this side of the Alps. Lo and behold, our wishes were granted when Alma opened its doors in Geneva just a few months ago! With its pastel blue walls, tall banana plants and copper light fixtures, brand new restaurant Alma has brought a breath of Peruvian cool to […]

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Alpine Fun at Basseruche

Just a few weeks ago we spent a lovely day-out with friends at the Basseruche in St-Cergue (VD), a cozy restaurant d’alpage that offers many outdoor activities for children and adults including footgolf, archery, trottinherbe in the summer & tyrolienne cables, téléluge, ski school during the winter months.       We got there late in the morning and the boys got down to some mountain action straight away, while Little Missy made a beeline for […]

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On Heidi’s Trail in Ballenberg

Hands up who thinks of Heidi when thinking of Switzerland. Trouble is, when you move here and become an expat in Geneva, Zurich or any other modern Swiss city, you lose sight of the country’s most evocative and enchanting cliché. Expat Husband and I are definitely guilty as charged: we make the most of the Swiss slopes in winter but then spend all our spring and summer holidays with family […]

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