Ferney Voltaire

Augustine et Balthazar

Being pulled in all directions (sometimes quite literally, and by three sets of tiny, sticky hands), I don’t always manage to update this blog as much as I should and so many interesting places sadly slip through the net. But every now and again a little gem comes along, a place so special and blog-worthy that I try my best to post a few photos, an address – of course – and a […]

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Shopping & Dining in Ferney Voltaire

Ferney Voltaire is a small French town just across the border from Geneva. If you find yourself a bit lost for ideas on a Saturday morning or would like to try a new restaurant, take a look at our list of cool places in Ferney Voltaire that, incidentally, are also way cheaper than Geneva!   Beauty & Shopping: Institut Cristine, tucked away in a side street not far from the […]

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