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Ready Steady Escalade – part 1

As a self-confessed queen of sloth I might not be the best person to blog about this, but since it is a very special and long-standing sporting event in Geneva I can’t possibly skip it. Get ready, set and go on Saturday 6th of December 2014 for the 37th Escalade Race, which takes place every year in Geneva’s old town on the first Saturday of December. The race is a fun family […]

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Until the Cows Come Home

As summer draws to an end and autumn begins, it’s time for a unique event not to be missed in Switzerland: the Alpabzug or Désalpe, the Alpine procession of beautifully adorned cows making their way home for the winter, marking the end of grazing season.   The most famous Alpabzug or Désalpe take place in the inner regions of German-speaking Switzerland or Valais (click here for dates), but if you’re in Geneva you can still have a […]

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