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B is for Brasserie

We’ve already talked about B Com Brasserie on our facebook page and in our post about child-friendly restaurants, but the feedback we got by so many of you was so overwhelmingly positive that we just had to share more photos here! Opened in 2012, B Com Brasserie is a contemporary French brasserie with open kitchen, modern decor & a great indoor play area for the little gourmands, equipped with DVD player, IKEA play kitchen & plush […]

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It’s a CrocO’deal

I might be late to the party but CrocO’deal Coffee in Divonne-les-Bains is such a fab child-friendly haven that I can’t resist blogging about it…better late than ever is what I say! If you haven’t been yet, make sure you pop round for a cup of coffee or one of their upcoming activities such as creative workshops, story-time in French, Bébé gym, Zumba or dance classes. Owner Jennifer Letellier opened CrocO’deal Coffee in July 2013: […]

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