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Come & Play !

How do French people organise playdates ? Since moving to England, I’ve realised how easy and flexible playdates are in France. And how, in England, organising playdates is a way to help another mum enjoy a bit of break during the weekly school routine. On Wednesdays, when schools are closed in France, mums drop their child to the ‘playdate house’ around 2.30pm, and will pick them up around 5pm. Saturday afternoon is also […]

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French Terms of Endearment

‘Céline, what are the pet names that French mums use for their children?’ asked my friend Michela. Of course! She probably heard them at school, the park or supermarket but wasn’t exactly sure what they were saying, so I thought back to all those French-flavoured sweet names: ‘mon p’tit canard’ (my little duckling), ‘mon p’tit lapin’ (my little bunny), ‘mon trésor’ (my treasure), ‘mon amour’ (my love), ‘ma poulette’ (my hen), ‘mon poussin’ […]

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