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How do French people organise playdates ? Since moving to England, I’ve realised how easy and flexible playdates are in France. And how, in England, organising playdates is a way to help another mum enjoy a bit of break during the weekly school routine.

On Wednesdays, when schools are closed in France, mums drop their child to the ‘playdate house’ around 2.30pm, and will pick them up around 5pm. Saturday afternoon is also a good time to arrange a play-date.

There will be a ‘goûter’ mid-afternoon, which may include sweet treats like cakes or yogurts alongside fresh fruit and juices. The rest of the time children play, watch telly together, or do some crafts.


The first time someone invited my daughter over to their house here in England, I candidly asked:’ How do playdates work here?’.

The English mum explained that she would pick up my daughter from school at 3.30pm (meaning an uninterrupted afternoon for me…), and that I’d just have to pick her up from her place around 6pm.

My daughter would have ‘tea’ at her house, which is a light dinner, could be pasta bolognaise or jacket potatoes and a dessert, always including fruits or vegetables (so when she comes home she is well fed and ready to bathe!!).

The girls would spend their time playing, dressing-up or drawing, preferably avoiding television. Meanwhile I would enjoy a free afternoon…preferably shopping!


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