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What’s On in August

The best season of the year is in full swing, whether you’ll be away or spending more time with your little ones, there is plenty to do in the area for families who wish to enjoy this lovely and (hopefully) sunny time of the year. Click here to download the full summer programme of activities in Geneva, who said there’s nothing to do in the city during the school break ?! Remember to […]

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Dahlias in Bloom

The summer scenery along Lac Léman is undoubtedly one of the most charming sights Switzerland has to offer, but – if you’re looking for an authentic show-stopper that will have you point-and-shoot your camera faster than you could say “so pretty!” then head to the lakeside town of Morges (Canton Vaud) for their unique summer exhibition of dahlias in bloom, called Les Quais du Dahlia.     From the middle of […]

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