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Burgers by the Beach

The number of gourmet food trucks in the Geneva region has increased tenfold in the last few years, and now you can find them in neighbouring villages too, so if you live in or around Versoix here’s a great one for burger lovers! July 2018 update: please note that BBQ Ground has moved to Mies, Route Suisse 7. BBQ Ground is a gourmet food truck with a garden and plenty of […]

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Best Burgers at Inglewood Geneva

Want to know where to get the best burger in town ? If so, head to Inglewood Geneva just another one of our Plainpalais favourites located at number 44 on blvd du Pont-d’Arve. If Plainpalais is a bit out of your way don’t worry: they’ve now opened a new branch in Eaux-vives (17, rue Montchoisy) to satisfy their ever-growing number of fans.   Their 160g juicy boeuf burgers are amazing and the choice is […]

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