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Au Boeuf Rouge

A couple of weeks before Christmas Expat Husband and I managed to sneak out for lunch without the kids (yep, I can’t believe it either). We quickly scanned all the restaurants within a 2km radius and decided to try a lovely brasserie we’d spotted nearby: Au Boeuf Rouge in Crassier (Vaud). Nestled at the centre of this pretty vadois village, Au Boeuf Rouge stands out for its traditional stone walls, bright red wooden shutters […]

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Playground delights in Crassier

In Crassier, a village in the Vaudois countryside situated right on the French border, there’s a particularly wonderful playground so well-furnished with equipment and structures it could almost qualify as a mini adventure park for kids. Tucked behind a pink-toned church on the intersection of Route de Genève and Rue de la Tour, it’s an inviting, spacious area with plenty of features that will incite kids to climb, play, explore, […]

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