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The Lucky Castle

As the holidays approach and we get ready for our long drive back home to Italy, we’re always looking for clever ways to break up the journey so that the cheeky monkeys can let off steam while Expat Husband & I enjoy a little rest, preferably accompanied by some great food & wine. One of our favourite pit-stops is the Castello di Pavone hotel & restaurant in Pavone Canavese (Italy), just a […]

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Family Luxe at Le Richemond

True to my gluttonous nature, I was overjoyed to receive an invitation to savour the new bar menu at Le Richemond in Geneva. To make this foodie premiere even better, I was joined by a group of lovely & enthusiastic Genevan bloggers who share my passion for great cuisine & writing – what more can a blogger ask for? In between delighted camera snaps, we were treated to some truly scrumptious tasters […]

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The Thrill of the New

A press day at the swanky, newly-opened Hotel N’vY Geneva was a great opportunity to discover some fab 2013-2014 collections and to enjoy the hip, laid-back atmosphere of the hotel itself.       An authentic slice of NY boho-chic right in the heart of Pâquis, the Hotel N’vY boasts a lounge cocktail bar where a giant block of ice is cut to measure for each drink and the bartenders have been trained at the […]

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