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New Bricks Café Opens in Lausanne

Bricks Café, St-Sulpice (Lausanne). Copyright 2012 Bricks4Kidz®. All Rights Reserved.

The much-dreaded bise, the freezing northern wind that around this time of year takes hold of the entire Lac Léman region, is here again, making a visit to our favourite playground a very unappealing option for the little ones. But fear not, as a new Lego® and Duplo® Bricks Café has just opened in St-Sulpice (Lausanne), so we can keep our cheeky monkeys entertained and meet up with their little friends without freezing our […]

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Playtime at the Ludotheque


What makes the much dreaded rentrée more exciting and fun? For us, discovering that some of our favourite family haunts have undergone a superb makeover and are now even better than before. This was the case last week when I dragged my little grumpy monsters back to the Ludothèque de Nyon to return the toys they’d borrowed over the summer to discover the whole place had been renovated and filled with a selection […]

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Twice the Fun

SAM_7443 - Copy

We’ve already posted about the “Ô Cézanne” exhibition at the Espace de la Jeunesse in Lausanne but when we actually visited it was so much better than we expected, so here’s some photos to show you how great it was. First of all, it’s not just one but two fantastic family exhibitions in the same place. When you arrive at the Espace de la Jeunesse head straight for the Espace des Inventions round building: […]

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Indoor Fun at Fnac Kids

Fnac Kids, Genève Rive - photo ©

Following a makeover in November 2013, the Fnac Kids section at the Genève Rive store is looking great: the books selection is much larger, with plenty of great toys and gift ideas too – but the best bit for me is the number of free workshops and readings that are now part of the bookshop’s weekly agenda. I popped in last week with my Little Missy and did not come away empty […]

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It’s Party Time!

Yatou'Bday - photo ©

A few weeks ago my middle son was invited to a birthday party at Yatouland in Geneva. With 3 kids, I am always looking for new ideas of where to hold birthday parties so I imagine other expat parents might be in the same situation. If you’ve never been to a birthday party at Yatouland but would like to know what it’s like, here’s some photos I took whilst surrounded by a swarm […]

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Geneva’s Firefighters Museum

Blog Sept. 2013 033

Just when you think you have the whole city sussed and could navigate all its best child-friendly hideouts with your eyes closed, along comes an impressive new discovery in the shape of the Musée du Service d’incendie et de secours – Ville de Genève. To say that this is every little boy’s dream museum would be an understatement: my two little men could hardly contain their excitement as they climbed the […]

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