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Dahlias in Bloom

The summer scenery along Lac Léman is undoubtedly one of the most charming sights Switzerland has to offer, but – if you’re looking for an authentic show-stopper that will have you point-and-shoot your camera faster than you could say “so pretty!” then head to the lakeside town of Morges (Canton Vaud) for their unique summer exhibition of dahlias in bloom, called Les Quais du Dahlia.     From the middle of […]

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Floral Pop-up Café

Do you love flowers, gardening and delicious cupcakes? If so make a note in your diary of this coming weekend’s outdoor event in Trélex, near Nyon (Canton Vaud). On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of June, renowned florist Rémy from Jaggi Garden Centre in Trélex will host an open-house of his flowers and plants business accompanied by a pop-up café run by The Heidi Bakery. Rémy and Heidi invite everyone to come along and see the beautiful Jaggi Garden Centre, stock […]

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Brunch at the Iris Gardens in Vullierens

Spring is my favourite season in Switzerland: the burst of vivid colours from the fields and gardens, which comes with the budding season, is truly unique. One of the most beautiful gardens near Geneva is, without a doubt, the Jardins du château de Vullierens in Canton Vaud. Vullierens is not far from Lausanne and only 60km from Geneva (approx. 1 hour by car). The celebrated iris gardens at the château de […]

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