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This is one of the local tips I wish someone had given me 4 years ago, so I am very excited to be able to share it now with other expat families in the area.


One day, as I was browsing through some French guidebooks I came across a book called “Le Guide des Restos pour Petits Gourmands” (published by General Media, 2010) and had to pinch myself. A guidebook to gourmet restaurants in the Suisse Romande where we could also take the kids ?! I nearly wept for joy.

I found some real gems in there and one of them was a list of farms that offered buffet-style Sunday brunch for families with children (yes even small children! even small, wild, boisterous children like ours!).

So, on a sunny Sunday morning in early spring, off we went to La Ferme de Merlinge in Gy where the children played, ate and ran around while we enjoyed a well-deserved relaxed brunch in the shade. It was indeed a special treat for us (as you might have guessed, we don’t get to do anything in a relaxed manner with the kids) and I really enjoyed tasting the farm’s seasonal produce.

Brunch is prepared with seasonal, locally-grown produce and is served outside under the shade of big leafy trees. The jams, breads, crepes and muesli are all homemade, wholesome and delicious.

For further info visit their website at


The book lists another farm also offering Sunday brunch called La Ferme aux Saveurs d’Autrefois in Bussy-Chardonney (Canton Vaud), which the children really enjoyed because there were many farm animals roaming around. However, we weren’t able to eat there because they were already fully booked – so if you’d like to give it a try, book in advance.

Check their website for full details:

Last but not least, here’s the guidebook website: The website is all in French with no English translation, but believe me it is worth going through it dictionary in hand !

  1. Hi, I just discovered this blog through Toute Sweet! This brunch at a farm sounds like something I would love to do! But is it only for people with kids? Or can anyone go? Thanks!

    1. Dear Bettiann, thanks so much for your comment (and thank you Toute Sweet!). Yes, absolutely, brunch at the Merlinge farm is for everyone, when we went there were many couples, groups of friends and families. It is really relaxing, we had friends visiting from the UK the last time we were there and they were blown away, didn’t want to leave ! Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did xx

  2. Brunches at La Ferme de Merlinge are great! We love them and go every year for the 1st of August. It is a bit more special: they usually have horn players and other musicians, the food is absolutely delicious, home made. Really nice! Even getting by bus is easy: the stop is right in front of the farm. Though book in advance: if it rains, seating is limited indoors.

    1. Dear Jurate,
      thank you so much for your great tips! I didn’t know about the 1st of August, it sounds great xx

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