A Summer Terrace With a View

I have been thinking about my favourite cafés in Geneva for a while, compiling an imaginary list in my head of the sort of place where you snuggle up to a steamy cup of leaf tea or coffee and forget all your worries for a while, or where you seek solace from a baking hot day before picking up the kids.

The Cottage Café is definitely one of these: tucked away in a small green behind the Brunswick monument and fountain, it’s home to one of the coolest (in every sense of the word!) terraces in this city of peace. Who would have thought you could find such lush, bucolic respite right in the midst of peak hour traffic ?

 © Cottage Café & its summer terrace

© Cottage Café & its summer terrace


Summer & ice-cream always go together © genevafamilydiaries.net

Summer & ice-cream always go together © genevafamilydiaries.net


© Cottage Café, Geneva

© Cottage Café, Geneva


A Geneva institution since its opening in 2008, this café is the epitome of quaint coziness with its eclectic decorating style, great vintage pieces and countless books just begging to be leafed through.

From breakfast to afternoon tea and evening tapas, the Cottage Café is a safe haven for locals and tourists alike thanks to its beautiful shaded terrace overlooking the neo-gothic tomb of the Duke of Brunswick and, at a distance, Geneva’s jet d’eau. Oh, and did we mention their salads & homemade cakes are just heavenly?

Cottage Café, Geneva © genevafamilydiaries.net

Cottage Café, Geneva © genevafamilydiaries.net


Plenty of reading material here...© genevafamilydiaries.net

Plenty of reading material here…© genevafamilydiaries.net


The most delicious Tête de Moine salad I've ever tasted © genevafamilydiaries.net

The most delicious Tête de Moine salad I’ve ever tasted © genevafamilydiaries.net


Cottage Café 

Rue Adhémar-Fabri 7

tel. 022 731 60 16

Open from 7.15am to midnight, Monday to Saturday


  • Did you know ? The opulent neo-gothic construction built in 1879 out of pink marble is the final resting place of the eccentric Charles Frederic Auguste Guillaume, Duke of Brunswick. A fabulously rich philanderer, he was involved in numerous political intrigues across Europe before finding shelter in Geneva. When he died, he left his huge fortune  (22 million gold francs, about 22 billion francs today) to the City of Geneva upon condition that they erected a magnificent monument in his memory, in a “preeminent and dignified location”. And, as you can see today, that’s exactly what they did.



4 Responses to “A Summer Terrace With a View”

  1. nancymorya says:

    Amazing post! Thanks for sharing beautiful images of summer ice-cream and cottage cafe. Its really interesting to read.

    • michela says:

      Hi Nancy thank you for your positive comment, really glad you liked our post – please keep in touch ! Kindest regards Michela

  2. Isabelle says:

    I just discovered your blog and I love it… Being myself an expat from Geneva in Los Angeles, it makes me all nostalgic! I used to live in the Square du Mont-Blanc and I would go to the Cottage Café for business meeting, the place is so lovely, I just wish the food would be better!

    • michela says:

      Hi Isabelle, thank you for your lovely comment – we miss Geneva too when we’re away and always look forward to coming back home ! Have a great summer, kindest regards Michela

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