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Tea Time at Laduree

© 2017 Maison Ladurée

If macaroons are you weakness and you dream of a relaxed, civilized Wednesday afternoon with the little ones then you’ll be happy to learn that Ladurée in Geneva are now organizing afternoon tea-times for children aged 5 to 10 (accompanied by an adult or carer or frazzled mum, of course). The Ladurée “Goûters des enfants” will take place at 2.30pm in their tea-room on the Quai des Bergues (rue du Mont-Blanc […]

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Central Park

Avenue de la Gare playground, Divonne-les-Bains. Photo ©

Possibly one of the best (and largest!) playgrounds outside Geneva, the Avenue de la Gare espace de jeux in Divonne-les-Bains is home to the Central Park café and beer garden. If you’ve yearned for a vast yet safely fenced in playground where the little tykes can burn off all their excess energy, while you sit down for a little breather — ideally with something chilled or steamy (of the cup variety) at hand, then […]

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Every Mum Is an Island

Geneva's Île Rousseau. Photo ©

In full view of the Mont Blanc bridge and yet concealed away from all the hustle and bustle of central Geneva, the île Rousseau is one of the city’s hidden treasures. The île Rousseau is a small island on the river Rhône and a public park dedicated to the city’s most famous philosopher. Its history dates back to the 16th century, when it was first one of Geneva’s walled bastions and – in 1628 – a […]

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New Bricks Café Opens in Lausanne

Bricks Café, St-Sulpice (Lausanne). Copyright 2012 Bricks4Kidz®. All Rights Reserved.

The much-dreaded bise, the freezing northern wind that around this time of year takes hold of the entire Lac Léman region, is here again, making a visit to our favourite playground a very unappealing option for the little ones. But fear not, as a new Lego® and Duplo® Bricks Café has just opened in St-Sulpice (Lausanne), so we can keep our cheeky monkeys entertained and meet up with their little friends without freezing our […]

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Les Recyclables

Librairie-Café "Les Recyclables", Geneva. Photo ©

With its 11,000 books, healthy plats du jour and relaxed atmosphere, Les Recyclables is one of our favourite haunts in Geneva. It is true that there is no play area as such, but the spirit of this cozy Librairie-Café is so welcoming & laid-back that your little ones are never made to feel like they’re a nuisance. If you have lunch here, the little buttons can have a “Mini” version of your plat du […]

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Kings of the Burger World

They're the kings of the burger world! © The Hamburger Foundation, Geneva

What great news for all hamburger-lovers and those of us feeling an insatiable craving for crunchy bacon, pickles & cheese melting over a juicy beef patty: The Hamburger Foundation have opened their first THF ‘stationary’ Burger Bar & Restaurant in Geneva! Until the 4th of February 2014, The Hamburger Foundation will be working on the “soft opening” of their new restaurant, meaning they’ll be testing everything and will be very pleased to receive your feedback. […]

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A Summer Terrace With a View

The most delicious Tête de Moine salad I've ever tasted ©

I have been thinking about my favourite cafés in Geneva for a while, compiling an imaginary list in my head of the sort of place where you snuggle up to a steamy cup of leaf tea or coffee and forget all your worries for a while, or where you seek solace from a baking hot day before picking up the kids. The Cottage Café is definitely one of these: tucked away in […]

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Café Brocante with Style

Le coup de girafe, Geneva ©

I have to thank lovely Paola from Uzume for introducing me to Le Coup de Girafe in Geneva’s Eaux-Vives. Tucked away at number 18 rue Maunoir, this is a cool, quirky café brocante with plenty of style and delicious sweet & salty treats that beg to be savoured with a delicate leaf-tea or café renversé.     The stylish mix-and-match décor and relaxed ambience are what makes Le Coup de Girafe a lovely spot […]

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