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Fresh From the Farm


If you enjoyed our previous post about unmanned farm shops and started sourcing more of your groceries from a local farm rather than large supermarkets, you’ll be happy to know that the Domaine de Bois-Bougy in Nyon (VD) is not only a good supplier of fresh, seasonal vegetables but also a little corner of paradise for dairy lovers. This lovely farm on the edges of Nyon does in fact boast an automatic dispenser of raw milk (lait cru* […]

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Honesty in a Box

Home-made jams from the farm. Photo ©

Explore the lush Swiss farmland that’s right on our doorstep and, in all likelihood, you will soon stumble upon an autocueillette sign inviting visitors to pick-their-own fruit and vegetables, or stock up on farm eggs, cheese and home-made jams. Alongside weekly farmer’s markets, Swiss farmers are now happy to offer their bounties of nature in “libre service” from unmanned stalls or sheds that remain open to the public all day and at weekends. This exchange is […]

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A Different Kind of Spread

Photo ©

I am the proud mum of three under-age chocoholics: a 3 year-old missy who jumps out of the bed in the morning demanding her “bwead and chocolate” and two boys who think it’s a great idea to spread a thick layer of nutella over their pancakes. Resistance is futile, but I put my foot down when it comes to palm oil and other nasties that are now an integral part […]

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Puro Gelato


I’ve already posted about my ice-cream addiction (I was raised in Italy after all!) so please bear with me if I bend your ears about it again. I am afraid I can’t help it as I’ve recently tried and tested one of the most heavenly foodie destinations right in the heart of Thônex. The family and I made our way to Puro Gelato last Sunday afternoon and I was immediately won over by its eco […]

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Organic Fruit with a Local Accent

© Ou bien?! Geneva

One of the things I missed the most when we first moved to Geneva was all the healthy snacks available for children in the UK. My little ones loved them and I knew the brands weren’t loaded with sugar or other nasties. It took me a while (and a lot of label-reading in French!) to find some alternatives here, but I have to admit my boys weren’t always keen and […]

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Sunday Lunch “en famille”


French families traditionally spend long Sunday lunches together, with lots of verve and scrumptious food. Sundays can get a bit gloomy in France: shops are shut so people tend to head to the movies. For large families, it is the weekly occasion to get together with a guest of two (usually elderly relatives) over a lovely homemade meal to be shared after coming back from church. Here’s an example of what my mum used to serve us straight […]

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Langue de Boeuf, Anyone? Or Why French Schools Won’t Allow Packed Lunches


A large white plate with two big floury potatoes, boiled. No butter, just a bit of gravy. The real attraction actually lies across the plate, textured and moist: a long brownish tongue, about 3 times the size of a human one. It’s a classic French delicacy: langue de boeuf (beef tongue). When I was little, dishes like this would feature in our school canteen from time to time. Nowadays, on […]

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