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If you enjoyed our previous post about unmanned farm shops and started sourcing more of your groceries from a local farm rather than large supermarkets, you’ll be happy to know that the Domaine de Bois-Bougy in Nyon (VD) is not only a good supplier of fresh, seasonal vegetables but also a little corner of paradise for dairy lovers.

This lovely farm on the edges of Nyon does in fact boast an automatic dispenser of raw milk (lait cru* in French) and a fridge filled with various dairy goodies, including homemade yogurt and cheese.

Homemade yogurt from the farm - Photo ©
Homemade yogurt from the farm – Photo ©


Fresh, homemade cheese - Photo ©
Fresh, homemade cheese from the Domaine de Bois-Bogis (VD) – Photo ©


Photo ©
Is it a fridge or a treasure chest? Photo ©


Once you reach the main farm building, you’ll see the cow stables on your right and the self-service sale point on the left hand side. As well as the fully-stocked fridge, you’ll find homemade jam jars and the lait cru* machine, which is coin operated and can supply different quantities: small glass, full litre etc.

On our first visit we stocked up on their homemade yogurts, which were so thick and creamy that a pinch of vanilla powder was all it took to turn them into the most moreish sugar-free dessert I’ve ever tasted.

Hope you will enjoy their dairy products too, just remember to leave the correct amount of money in the honesty box right next to the milk vending machine!

The honesty box! Photo ©
The honesty box! Photo ©


* Food Safety Warning: raw, unpasteurised milk is not recommended for pregnant women, the elderly and those with a weakened immune system and it should always be boiled before consumption in order to kill all harmful bacteria.

Raw milk machine - Photo ©
Raw milk machine – Photo ©


Photo ©
Photo ©


Domaine de Bois-Bougy

Famille Baumgartner

Chemin de Plantachoux

1260 Nyon (VD)


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