Fave Stocking-Fillers from Little Home


Now it’s the time to start thinking about little presents for the kids’ teachers and stocking-fillers for my nearest & dearest.

Luckily, our new sponsor LittleHome.ch is a treasure trove of cute and stylish little finds (& very reasonably priced too!)

Here’s a selection of our favourite Xmas stocking-fillers – what are yours ?

Lalé notebook 6.90CHF


60 mini stickers “Le tour du monde de Mouk” by Marc Boutavant 3.90CHF


Teknika space set by Kidsonroof 9CHF


Little cardboard suitcase by Marc Boutavant 16CHF


Xmas Bell Stamps set by Y.O.W. 15CHF


Birds notebook by Tinou le Jolysénoville at Chacha 9CHF


I-woody by Donkey Products 25CHF


Paper bunting by Les colocataires 9.50CHF


Colouring & stickers book by Mon Petit Art 12CHF


Playon Crayon by Studio Skinky 15CHF


Paris stamp set Y.O.W 15CHF


Wooden burger set by kiko+ 23CHF


Set of 6 pencils with pencilcase by Lalé 12CHF


Vintage car gym bag by Mimi’lou 35CHF


Last, but by no means least, my personal favourites: these adorable plywood laser-cut Xmas decorations (with small gold-leaf detail) by British designer Abigail Brown.

Spoiler alert: I got these for some very special Swiss friends…will it remind them of our crazy expat family when they put them up ? I really hope so !

Xmas tree decorations by Abigail Brown 32CHF


All photos courtesy of LittleHome.ch

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