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Have you ever been to one of the theatre shows for kids at L’usine à gaz in Nyon (VD) ? It’s absolutely worth it and the shows are great: a bit surreal, a bit whimsical but always 100% adorable.

I love the atmosphere of this little theatre (which is also a music venue and cultural centre for various exhibitions) because it reminds me of the small fringe theatres in London that we used to go to.

© Gare St. Bazar


We took the boys to a show last year and they sat completely mesmerised for the whole duration, after the show we took a little stroll by the lake before heading home: it was a great afternoon in Nyon for the whole family !

There are 6 kids shows planned at L’usine à gaz from now until February 2013 so, if you’d like to give it a try, here’s what’s coming up:


  • Wednesday 7th November 2012 at 3pm: Mange ta Soupe ! From age 3. An enchanting show combining music, circus skills and imaginative tales. As always, a little boy is getting ready to go to bed and asks his parents for a bedtime story…but this time Mum and Dad will tell him all about their own childhood, so full of fun and adventures !
Mange ta soupe !


On Wednesday 7th of November in the morning (10am-12pm) children from age 6 accompanied by an adult can also take part in a percussion and musiques corporelles workshops run by “Les Pieds sur la tête”, the same company that will be acting “Mange ta soupe” later in the afternoon. Price is 10 CHF per person/child, book in advance at 022 361 44 04.


  • Wednesday 28th November 2012 at 3pm: Gare St. Bazar bureau des objets trouvés from age 5. In this story, 13 knitted puppets living in some forgotten suitcases at the Gare St. Bazar will bring a smile to your children’s faces with their imaginative stories and amusing, mischievous acts.
© Gare St. Bazar
© Gare St. Bazar
  • Wednesday 5th december 2012 at 3pm: Un jour mon petit doigt m’a dit… from age 3. In this show, Lorette Andersen will weave a fascinating pattern of stories for young toddlers using finger puppets, shadow puppets, songs and nursery rhymes. Truly delightful.
© Lorette Andersen


  • Wednesday 23rd January 2013 at 3pm: L’aide ! From age 5. This shadows & puppet show will tackle the idea that we all need help, and children especially so, but that “help” can take many forms…it could be stifling at times, or empowering or not be helpful at all. A wonderful way to reflect upon something really important for young children, but approaching it with a delicate touch and a smile.


  • Wednesday 13th February 2013 at 3pm: Minifocus from age 5. A fun-filled electro-blues live concert designed just for kids…but adults will be tolerated !


All shows are in French, for more info about ticket prices, family tickets, bookings etc. visit the Usine à gaz website.

© Gare St. Bazar
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