Né pour lire © Julien Dinkel, image courtesy of Carouge library

Family Fun in Carouge


It’s not always easy to find some indoor activities for our little ones during these cold winter days, but the good news is that the libraries in Carouge have come up with a fab winter programme of kids shows, story-telling, baby music and much more – all free of charge !

The events take place in different locations: the Bibliothèque de Carouge (Boulevard des Promenades 2bis); the BiblioQuartier des Grands-Hutins (Rue de la Tambourine 3) and the Espace Grosselin (Rue Jacques-Grosselin 31 sous-sol) so always check carefully before setting off.

The agenda of events is so rich that we can’t list them all one by one, but here’s a selection of our favourites with all the links to find out more about all the rest:

  • “Né pour lire” a series of book readings in French for little bunnies aged 6 months to 4 years accompanied by an adult – because reading matters even at such a young age ! Entry is free, check the official website for exact dates and times (readings usually take place on Tuesday morning at 10am and Saturday afternoon at 3pm – the first one will be on Saturday 19th of January 2013). Click here to download the brochure. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of reading for young children you can also attend the free talks organized for parents and professionals: “Questions de parents”.


© Julien Dinkel, image courtesy of Carouge library
© Julien Dinkel, image courtesy of Carouge library


  • “Éveil musical, comptines et jeux de doigts” organized in collaboration with La Bulle d’Air. A unique opportunity to introduce the little muffins to the world of music and songs in French. Each free course lasts for 3 sessions and the first course starts on Thursday 17th of January 2013 so register quickly as places as limited ! 9am sessions are for children aged 18 months to 2 years, and 9.45am sessions for kids aged 3-4. Click here to download the info file.

These workshops are free of charge, all you need to do is register online by filling in this form.

© Julien Dinkel, image courtesy of Carouge library
© Julien Dinkel, image courtesy of Carouge library


  • Kids theatre at the Espace Grosselin (Rue Jacques-Grosselin 31 sous-sol). Check the Carouge official website for details of the upcoming children’s shows, remember that they are all free of charge but you might need to register and book your places in advance for some of them. Here’s the shows planned for the month of January, check the website for what’s on in February, March, April & summer 2013.
  1. Wednesday 16th January 2013 ● 14h30 “Mortadelle Verdi” a clown show with a poetic, funny twist ! From age 4
  2. Wednesday 23rd January 2013 ● 14h30 et 15h15 “TÊTE EN LUNE” a music show for very young children, from age 1
  3. Wednesday 30th January 2013 ● 14h30 “BULLE DES BOÎTES – OU QUAND BULLE SÈME SA GRAINE” a tale in music about a little girl called Bulle, from age 5

Cover image © Julien Dinkel, courtesy of Carouge library



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