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Water Fun in Divonne

for3 - Copy

This is going to be an extra short, snippety post to share some photos of the brand new water-play area at Forestland in Divonne-les-Bains (France). We’ve already posted about this fab outdoor park last year, but this year’s best features are definitely the tipping buckets and water-sprays! If you have young children or toddlers this is a perfect way to beat the heat without worrying about deep waters or the cold temperature of the lake. […]

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Playgrounds in Geneva, Vaud & Lausanne

Ouchy playground, Lausanne - photo ©

The city of Geneva boasts a grand total of over 85 playgrounds, which include great playing fields like those at the parc la Grange; parc Trembley and the Jardin Botanique, and all schools’ recreation grounds that remain open to everyone outside school hours and at weekends. Bise or shine, they’re great places to make new friends and let the little munchkins burn off energy before heading back home. Not to mention the fact that […]

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Alpine Fun at Basseruche


Just a few weeks ago we spent a lovely day-out with friends at the Basseruche in St-Cergue (VD), a cozy restaurant d’alpage that offers many outdoor activities for children and adults including footgolf, archery, trottinherbe in the summer & tyrolienne cables, téléluge, ski school during the winter months.       We got there late in the morning and the boys got down to some mountain action straight away, while Little Missy made a beeline for […]

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A Scary Night in Divonne

Picture1 - Copy

There seems to be no end to the amount of spooktastic family fun to be had this year in the name of Halloween! If you feel your teeth chattering already then La Nuit des Chocottes in Divonne-les-Bains (France) is definitely the event for you. From 5pm on Saturday the 8th of November 2014 little ones aged 3 to 12 accompanied by their parents will be meeting at Divonne’s Hippodrome indoor car park […]

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Pirates Ahoy

Photo ©

Nyon Plage is now fit for budding pirates! After its recent renovation, the Plage communale des Trois-Jetées in Nyon features a fantastic wooden pirate ship, complete with slide and command room. We’ve talked about Nyon plage before, but this new facelift is just too fantastic not to be documented with a few more photos. There’s no parking right next to the Plage communale des Trois-Jetées, so you will have to park a bit further […]

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The bouncy castles at Forestland, Divonne-les-Bains. Photo ©

A classic family haunt facing the Lac de Divonne, Forestland might be nothing new under the sun for many expats living in the area but the family and I spent such a great afternoon there last Sunday that I thought a few pics were in order. As well as their usual attractions & accrobranche tree-climbing courses, Forestland have recently added a new outdoor laser game and a play area with 5 bouncy castles – and […]

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Family Fun in Rolle

Sunset in Rolle - Photo ©

Don’t you find that, although the weather has turned miserably cold & foggy, your little ones still need plenty of outdoor time to burn off some of their excess energy? Well, mine do so I am always on the lookout for a good playground where we can all relax as a family and enjoy some of those breathtaking views only Switzerland can provide. Our latest discovery is the fantastic playground […]

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Playground delights in Crassier

© Laura Thommen-Vidale

In Crassier, a village in the Vaudois countryside situated right on the French border, there’s a particularly wonderful playground so well-furnished with equipment and structures it could almost qualify as a mini adventure park for kids. Tucked behind a pink-toned church on the intersection of Route de Genève and Rue de la Tour, it’s an inviting, spacious area with plenty of features that will incite kids to climb, play, explore, […]

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Outdoor Fun in Nyon


Calling all exhausted mums: if you live in the Nyon area and are looking for a lovely playground where your little monkeys can clamber to their hearts’ content while you have a sneaky little sit-down, head for the place de jeu “Lignes d’aventure” at the Plage des Trois-Jetées. This fab outdoor climbing area – suitable from 3 to 12 years of age – is located next to Nyon plage (walk from Route de […]

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View From the Treetops

© Parc Aventure des Evaux, Onex.

If your children are as energetic as mine and you’re running out of ideas of what to do, why not try a bit of accrobranche ? There are various aerial adventure parks in the area where children – safely attached to tight ropes – can climb from tree to tree, following an adventure course. Expat Husband loves to take the boys for a treetop-spin when they have just too much energy to […]

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