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Central Park

Avenue de la Gare playground, Divonne-les-Bains. Photo ©

Possibly one of the best (and largest!) playgrounds outside Geneva, the Avenue de la Gare espace de jeux in Divonne-les-Bains is home to the Central Park café and beer garden. If you’ve yearned for a vast yet safely fenced in playground where the little tykes can burn off all their excess energy, while you sit down for a little breather — ideally with something chilled or steamy (of the cup variety) at hand, then […]

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Playgrounds in Geneva, Vaud & Lausanne

Ouchy playground, Lausanne - photo ©

The city of Geneva boasts a grand total of over 85 playgrounds, which include great playing fields like those at the parc la Grange; parc Trembley and the Jardin Botanique, and all schools’ recreation grounds that remain open to everyone outside school hours and at weekends. Bise or shine, they’re great places to make new friends and let the little munchkins burn off energy before heading back home. Not to mention the fact that […]

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A Beautiful Day in Saint-Prex


Thanks to the gorgeous summer weather of the past few weeks we’ve been able to pack up our picnic basket and venture out to discover some great picnic spots, family beaches & lidos. Last weekend, we spent a wonderful day at the Plage du Chauchy in Saint-Prex, a picture-perfect medieval village on the north shore of lake Geneva, not far from Morges in Canton Vaud. If you’ve never been, this charming & well-preserved market town, […]

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Family Fun in Rolle

Sunset in Rolle - Photo ©

Don’t you find that, although the weather has turned miserably cold & foggy, your little ones still need plenty of outdoor time to burn off some of their excess energy? Well, mine do so I am always on the lookout for a good playground where we can all relax as a family and enjoy some of those breathtaking views only Switzerland can provide. Our latest discovery is the fantastic playground […]

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Playground delights in Crassier

© Laura Thommen-Vidale

In Crassier, a village in the Vaudois countryside situated right on the French border, there’s a particularly wonderful playground so well-furnished with equipment and structures it could almost qualify as a mini adventure park for kids. Tucked behind a pink-toned church on the intersection of Route de Genève and Rue de la Tour, it’s an inviting, spacious area with plenty of features that will incite kids to climb, play, explore, […]

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Beat the Heat

Parc de l'Auberge, Meyrin - Photo © Atelier d'Ici Architectes

When a heatwave (“canicule” in French) hits, what you need is some water fun to keep the little buttons happy and hydrated. Take a look at our previous posts “Make a Splash”, “Surfing in Geneva” and “A Perfect Spot for a Picnic” for ideas on some of the best beaches, lidos and summer spots in the area. But, if you’ve tried them all and are looking for something different (& free of charge!), head to […]

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Playtime in Nyon


Last Saturday we came across this fantastic playground in Nyon. It faces the lake (great views are guaranteed!) and is right next door to the Musée du Léman. The playground is called Place de jeux du Bourg-de-Rive (click here to see the map) and there’s an underground car-park just a few meters away.   The Place de jeux du Bourg-de-Rive is around 100 square meters, it’s fenced all around and is for […]

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