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Augustine et Balthazar

Doudous for baby. Photo © 2016

Being pulled in all directions (sometimes quite literally, and by three sets of tiny, sticky hands), I don’t always manage to update this blog as much as I should and so many interesting places sadly slip through the net. But every now and again a little gem comes along, a place so special and blog-worthy that I try my best to post a few photos, an address – of course – and a […]

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Win Tickets to the Salon Babyplanet in Lausanne

© Salon Babyplanet, Lausanne

Are you an expecting mum or a parent of young children, looking for expert advice and information about breastfeeding, baby massage, nutrition or baby signing ? If so, Salon Babyplanet is the ideal destination  for you but also a fun day-out for the whole family, offering a number of exciting activities such as baby-swimming demonstrations, bouncy castles and mini-cars as well as cupcake decorating classes, baby story-time and buggy fitness workshops. ***THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED […]

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Expat Dadpreneurs: Roel

zizzz 115 Elena sleeping

Our latest entrepreneurial inspiration comes from expat dad Roel van Gasselt, a Dutch father-of-two who moved to Carouge five years ago. Read Roel’s article below to find out more about his expat family, their favourite spots in Geneva and the inspiration behind Roel’s online company, which sells the most stylish baby sleeping bags made with organic cotton lining and Swisswool filling as well as a range of adorable baby blankets. We’re delighted to […]

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Family Yoga in Annemasse

© Armelle Caroff

Looking for family yoga in Annemasse? AliaOm is a yoga centre founded by Alia, a French mum-of-three and yoga teacher, offering a variety of courses including Adult Yoga, Antenatal and Post Natal Yoga as well as some great courses for children.     Although it’s a bit out of the way for me, I am planning to try one of her monthly ‘Yoga Famille‘ workshops with my little munchkins – but Alia also offers weekly or monthly sessions for […]

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Baby & Making Playgroup

Easter Crafts © Baby + Making playgroup, Geneva

The “Baby + Making” playgroup Geneva is for parents who want to get creative with their little ones, meet other mums and come away with something crafty & cool that they have made with love. The playgroup – launched in January 2013 – is organised by Marian, an expat mum who moved to Geneva just before having her daughter Elodie in August last year, and welcomes everyone (dads included!).   The “Baby + Making” playgroup caters to […]

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Minimalisma Giveaway


We are delighted to announce our first ever giveaway with Zürich-based Minimalisma, an online store of adorable baby clothes designed by expat mumpreneur Maja. Minimalisma’s clothes are especially designed for babies and toddlers aged zero to 2 years-old. They combine clean Scandinavian simplicity with the best natural fabrics such as silk, cashmere, linen and the finest cottons, which are very gentle on a baby’s delicate skin. Read the story behind the launch of […]

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Eco Design at


Our Expat Mumpreneur interviews are so inspiring and motivating that we can’t get enough of them. The latest expat mumpreneur to join our group is called Feng-I and lives in Lausanne. Feng-I is an expat mum-of-two from Taiwan and the founder of, an environmentally-friendly and design-conscious online store of kids products (ages 0-4) designed to make our parenting lives easier. We’re very happy to announce that is offering a special 20% discount on online purchases for all Geneva Family […]

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Baby Storytime in Nyon


If you’re the proud parents of a little bundle aged between 7 and 12 months and you love books, don’t miss the baby storytime organized at the Librairie Gaspard Le Canard (The Reading Duck) in Nyon on Thursday 6th of December 2012 at 10am.   It’s never too early to introduce your little buttons to the joys of reading, and it’s true what they say: books are great for babies too […]

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Out ‘n’ About with Baby in Geneva

August 2010 028

Little Miss Cutie is now 21 months-old and parading so much attitude and toddler-swagger that her baby days seem to belong to another decade, not just a few months ago. However, I decided to write about those times because I am sure it will be helpful to new expat mums moving to the area. There is nothing more wonderful, life-changing and friggin’ scary than having a baby and having to do […]

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Nurseries & Daycare in Geneva

Gabriel Xmas Party bellevue 2009 039

**Updated 28th August 2012: we are overjoyed to update our post below about the shortage of nursery places in Geneva. Following the cantonal referendum held on the 17th of June 2012, the majority of voters decided that more nursery places should be created within the canton of Geneva so the future is definitely looking brighter !** —– You can click here to find out how 57,7% of voters decided that a nursery […]

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